The Right Way To Solve 'What Should I Eat' Problem

Last Updated: January 12th, 2021

Have you ever faced this situation when it is time to eat but you are unable to decide what to eat? Your stomach is dying out of hunger while your brain is like ‘what should I eat?

During such time, what did you do usually?

  • Do not eat?

  • Give the decision right to your friend or family? (If you are together with these people)

  • Go back to the same restaurant again and again?

  • Randomly pick one? (How?)

Most of us have some time or even some people always have faced this difficult situation in life, this might because

  • There are so many options come to the mind.

  • You feel bored eating back the same food repeatedly.

  • There are more reasons we will discuss in below.

During the time, you wish if someone or something could help you make the right choice. Because you have no idea on what exactly you want to eat.

This is where you might need a solution like Picker Wheel. It is a decision-maker tool where you can insert various inputs, for example, pizza, burger, sandwich, etc. All you need to do next is to spin the wheel and whatever option it picks for you, you eat that. This is a free, quick and easy solution.

1. Why is It Hard to Decide?

The big question is why can’t you decide "what should I eat?". Well, there can be so many reasons for it.

Almost all of us at some point have gone through this ‘what should I eat for dinner or lunch’ phase. Somehow at this point, your brain just leaves you and you cannot decide what you want.

What Should I Eat

You feel confused between several options. You feel like trying every food item that comes to your mind. Or, you might even feel like don't want to eat at all.

You may have taken bigger and important life decisions before and you still didn’t have to face so much of dilemma. But somehow, you simply cannot make your mind to choose a particular thing to eat.

You keep counting dishes and the options you have. This only increases your frustration and hunger.

If you don’t decide fast, you will go nuts. This may sound crazy but some people face this problem almost daily. Most of the time, they are like ‘what should I eat tonight?’

Some of the main reasons that you are unable to decide what to eat include:

A. Variety of Options

One of the main reasons could be the availability of various options. When you have too many dishes to choose from you often get confused. That’s because your brain is prompting you to try everything.

But at the same time, you also know that it’s not worth it. This makes it harder for you to decide the right food to eat. You keep struggling for several minutes to reach a decision.

In the end, you just randomly select a dish as you focus only on satisfying your hunger.

B. You Want to Try Something Good

No one likes to eat the same boring homemade food every day. Yes, it is no doubt healthy but all of the need spice in life. This is when you decide to have some outside food.

Now you are unable to decide what to eat. This happens because you have only one chance to order. Whatever food you order, you have to eat it. This is why you want to maintain extra precaution. You don’t want to order something wrong. This makes it hard again for you to select the right option. You keep on thinking about various dishes you can try just to make sure that you are getting the right thing to eat.

C. It’s a Habit

If you often think ‘what should I eat for lunch’ then there are chances that it’s your habit.

Many people are always confused to make a choice. It’s not only about food but they face the same problem with other choices as well. They are simply not the ones to make the right decisions.

If you are one these people then you should allow someone or something else to decide for you. There is no need for you to waste your time thinking when you already know that you can’t.

So these are some of the reasons why you cannot decide what to eat. If you thought, you are the only one with this issue then you are wrong. There are many people like this.

2. How to Decide What Should I Eat?

If you often face problems while making food decisions then you should follow the suggestions given below.

There are two methods recommended:

A. Manually

Step 1. Consider Your Options

The first thing you need to do is consider the options you have. Whether you are eating at home or outside, you should consider your options.

Step 2. Narrow Down Your List

Now that you know what your options are you need to narrow down your list. This is the hard part you need to overcome. Check out the food options that you already had recently.

Since you had them recently, you know how they will taste. Therefore, you should try something new. Once you remove a few of the dishes, your list of options will start to shrink.

Step 3. Choose the Best

Now you need to select the best dish from the leftover options.

Think of the dish that you like the most from the remaining ones. You will have a name in your mind. The first food item that pops in your head, you should eat that one for the day.

This is a better thing to do than rather complicating it.

B. Picker Wheel

Fill in all your options into Picker Wheel. Let it spin and decide for you.

You can select the elimination mode for the option selected, so that when the next day you visit it again, the option is no longer available to prevent getting the same food again.

This will ensure you try out everything differently every day.

You can also reset the options whenever you want.

3. Wrapping Up

With these simple suggestions, you can overcome your dilemma easily. Every time you are unable to decide what to eat, you should follow the methods mentioned above.

Once you run out of options you can reset the options either in your mind or in the tool. These tips will make your life better.

Who would have thought that deciding what to eat could be so difficult?

Sometimes selecting a dish turns into a life-changing decision. But you should be glad to know that you are not the only one like this. We all face this some time or the other. So don’t count yourself to be one of those weirdos.

We have provided you the solution, just follow it.