Picker Wheel

Help you to make a random decision

This is a random wheel spinner that can decide a choice for you. The choices you inserted will be displayed in this wheel. You can either insert the choices by adding individually or adding as list. After you spin the wheel, the Picker Wheel decides a random result. There are 3 modes available from this randomizer wheel which are normal, elimination and accumulation mode. Each mode has its specify usage such as in the classroom, games or contest. Let use this spinning wheel to help you make a decision.


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Picker Wheel - Spin the Wheel to Decide a Random Choice

1. What Is Picker Wheel?

A stylish wheel spinner with various functions & customization. Just enter inputs, spin the wheel and get your random result.

In some situations, our brain just can't make a decision, so why not let the wheel spinner making the small decision.

By just inserting your inputs and spinning wheel, you will immediately get a random result.

The wheel spinner will give you the fairest result by using the advanced algorithm behind it.

People often use the tool for raffles, teachings, remote events, and many other places.

Other than this main Picker Wheel, there are several specialized tools of Picker Wheel created as well.

  1. If you are looking for a tool to do a random grouping, please check out our Random Team Generator.
  2. Or, if you need a decision which is only about yes or no, please check out our Yes or No Wheel also.
  3. Or, if you specifically want to have random number output, you can also explore our Random Number Generator as well.
  4. Or, if you want to get a random letter output, we have the Random Letter Generator for you.
  5. Or, if you want an image-based Picker Wheel, we have created the Random Image Generator.

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2. How to Use This Spinner?

Picker Wheel is a fast and easy random picker in only 3 steps. Insert inputs, spin the wheel, and get the result. It has many features which make decision-solving fun.

It can be used as a random choice or random name picker. For the random name Picker Wheel, it is often used as a prize wheel where a winner's name will be selected after spinning the wheel.

For a more general random choice picker application, you can insert whatever inputs which you wish to let the spinner wheel decide for you.

Picker Wheel is very easy to use. Below are the few steps for using the spinner to pick a random choice.

  1. User inserts the inputs.

    • User can insert the inputs one by one by clicking the + button or return key from your device. Insert single input
    • User can use the list tool which can directly insert a list of inputs by clicking this icon. Insert list of inputs
  2. Lists of inputs are inserted and displayed. You can change the input's value, or hide an input or delete an input at here. List of inputs
  3. User clicks the Spin button from the random wheel to start spinning the wheel. Spin the wheel
  4. Picker Wheel will announce the choice selected on a dialog when done.
  5. User chooses one of the action modes towards the choice selected. Result selected and list of modes
  6. User can change the spin behavior, sound, confetti and color settings at Tool Settings section. Random Name Picker Tool Settings
  7. User can sign up for an account to enjoy more benefits, e.g. data sharing across multiple devices. login-signup-menu

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2.1. Open/Save List

  1. You can save your data in the cloud database for future use.
  2. Click the Open/Save button to open or save your list. Open and save button Open and save menu
  3. For save: Choose a list to save (total 7 lists available) then assign it with a name. Save list
  4. For open: Choose a list to open. Load list

Note: If you previously had save lists with us, all the data was saved locally in your device storage. (It had the risk of losing). To prevent the risk and also to access the old save lists, please sign up an account and choose to migrate all the local data to the cloud.

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3. Types of Modes

There are 3 modes that the users can choose in order to make a right choice.

3.1. Normal Mode

It is a one-off random decision picker mode. The randomizer wheel will announce the result selected when the user clicks the done button. The result selected will not have any side effect.

Use Case 1

This can be used as a digital wheel of fortune. It will decide 1 winner among the list of candidates’ names from a contest.

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3.2. Elimination Mode

It picks a random name alternately by eliminating the inputs one by one. The result will be temporarily removed from the wheel in the next round.

Use Case 2

This random name Picker Wheel can be used in a classroom when the teacher can call the students out to solve some questions one by one without repeating the same name.

Elimination mode

Eliminated result

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3.3. Accumulation Mode

It is a random decision accumulation mode. The count of each input selected is accumulated and carried forward to the next spin.

Use Case 3

This can be used to decide a meal to eat. Instead of spinning wheel for only 1 time and decide what food to eat (User might get less convinced with 1 time result), this mode accumulates each of the choices’ count after several spins, to further convince you to make a decision.

Accumulation mode

Accumulated result

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4. Other Features

  • The data inserted are stored in your browser cache. This means that the inputs will still be available next time when you use the app.
  • Data can also be saved in the online database.
  • Various wheel customizations.
  • Full-screen mode is available.
  • Display all your results generated by the wheel spinner.
  • The wheel can be embedded in your website or Power Point. See tutorial here.
  • Can install as a smartphone wheel picker app.
  • Can install as a desktop wheel picker app.
  • Can easily share this random Picker Wheel to friends and family.
  • By clicking More button - User can shuffle the inputs, enable back all the inputs, reset all the inputs' count & remove all the inputs. List of extra features

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5. How to Save as an App in Your Device?

5.1. Desktop App

Open the Picker Wheel using Chrome. Click the Settings -> More Tools -> Create Shortcut...

Desktop create shortcut

Ensure you tick the "Open as window", then click create.

Create desktop app

It is now installed in your desktop or laptop. You can access it anytime without remember the URL and going through the browser.

Picker Wheel app

Picker Wheel Logo

5.2. Smartphone App

Open the Picker Wheel site using Safari (iOS) or Chrome (Android). Click the share button (iOS) or Settings button (Android) and click Add to Home Screen selection.

iOS install app
Install Picker Wheel on iOS device

Android install app
Install Picker Wheel on Android device

It is now installed on your device.

Picker Wheel Logo

6. How to Share the Wheel?

Click the share button from the Picker Wheel site (at the top right).

Share button

Choose what to be included in the share link. You may include your current inputs, current inputs' results e.g. how many counts, as well as the tool settings e.g. colors. Next, click the "Create Share Link" button.

Create share link

You will see a link is produced. You may copy the link’s address or click the copy button to share the Picker Wheel with other people.

You may also share it directly through Facebook or Twitter.

Copy Share Link

Let's Spin the Wheel Now - Happy Spinning!