Latest Updates

(This page only logs the new and improved features. All the non-noticeable bugs fixed may not be reported.)

May 9, 2024
Version 92
Shortcut Key to Start SpinningYou can press the shortcut key CTRL + Enter to start the spin. Or press Tab / Enter / Esc to switch / select / close from the result popup.
Initial SpinningThe wheel is spinning slowly before the 1st spin. This setting can be turned off in Tool Settings.
Wheel Spinning AlgorithmImproved the spinning algorithm to make the spinning behave like the real wheel spinning.
Spin Button AnimationImproved the spin button animation.
Wheel FontsChanged the font that is drawn on the wheel to an educational-friendly font.
High Resolution WheelThe resolution of the wheel is improved.

Apr 3, 2024
Version 91
Account - Change EmailYou can now change the email yourself at the account page. This is only available for Password login method.
Account - Option for Changing Google Login to Password LoginYou can change from Google login method to Password login method yourself at the account page. This changing is irreversible.
Inputs Count for All ToolsYou can know the number of inputs that are shown on the wheel. Page affected: All

Jan 16, 2024
Version 90
Features of Team Picker WheelWe added several features for Team Picker Wheel. We added Fullscreen, Hide Inputs Section, Preset Group Members, Include/Exclude Participants, Pick Representatives, Animation, and Spin Behavior Setting. Page affected: Team Picker Wheel
Random Digits of Number Picker WheelFor the Spin and Combine mode, we have named it now as Random Digits mode. You now can choose how many digits (up to 6) you want and set the number range for each digit. Page affected: Number Picker Wheel
Save File Enabled for Number Picker WheelNow Number Picker Wheel can save file like what main Picker Wheel does. So you don't need to repeat typing everytime. Page affected: Number Picker Wheel
Update User Interface and Improve AlgorithmWe have modified some icons, user interface and flow to provide you a better experience. Page affected: All
Fixed No Sound when Using Opera Browser Page affected: All

Sep 18, 2023
Version 89
Share SystemIntroduce a new share system. All users can share from files or share as guest. Premium users can create a share link with banners and ads removed. Page affected: Picker Wheel, Image Picker Wheel
More Customizations for Personalized PlanPremium users can do more customizations now: sounds, spin button, background etc Page affected: All
TitleThe title location has been changed. Added description and popup title. Page affected: All
Spin CountYou can go to the spin behavior setting to turn on the spin count display. Page affected: All
Update User Interface and Improve AlgorithmImprove user interface and flow to provide a better experience. Page affected: All
Improve New Wheel Tab Feature Page affected: All
Result Is Also Saved for Team Picker WheelThe result generated by Team Picker Wheel will also be saved when you save the file so that you can view it in the future. Page affected: Team Picker Wheel
Fixed Team Name Not Shared Page affected: Team Picker Wheel

May 3, 2023
Version 88
Date Picker WheelIntroduce the Date Picker Wheel to generate a random date from a list of date inputs. Page affected: Date Picker Wheel
New Wheel TabYou can now open new wheel tabs to easily switch between different wheels. Page affected: Picker Wheel, Image Picker Wheel
Hide Gender / LabelYou can hide gender or label from the input list for Team Picker Wheel. Page affected: Team Picker Wheel
Minor UI Change Page affected: All
Improved Tablet Full Screen Compatibility Page affected: All

Apr 13, 2023
Version 87
Instant SaveYou can quickly save your modified list via the save button. Page affected: Picker Wheel, Team Picker Wheel, Image Picker Wheel
Fixed Import Inputs Copy Paste BugFixed bug which cause page unresponsive during import inputs by copy paste. Page affected: Picker Wheel, Team Picker Wheel
Save, Save As, Open, Edit and Delete Position ChangeChange user interface. Page affected: Picker Wheel, Team Picker Wheel, Image Picker Wheel
Duplicate Button Now Not Copy StatusDuplicate each input will not duplicate its status e.g. count. Page affected: Picker Wheel, Image Picker Wheel
404 Page Sometime (Safari) When Open Share LinkFixed bug.

Mar 21, 2023
Version 86
Pie with Text and ImageNow you can apply both Text and Image to each pie. Page affected: Picker Wheel
Duplicate ButtonEach input now comes with the duplicate button. Page affected: Picker Wheel, Image Picker Wheel
Major Firmware UpdateImproved some algorithms and updated all firmware. Page affected: All
Minor User Interface ChangeUser interface in the inputs section is changed. [Let us know if not good]Page affected: Picker Wheel
Fixed Percent (%) Sign Not Showed Error Page affected: Embed Wheel
Fixed No Country Options ErrorThe error happened when no country options are left. Page affected: Country Picker Wheel

Dec 30, 2022
Version 85
Country Picker WheelLaunched the Country Picker Wheel tool. [See It]

Dec 1, 2022
Version 84
More Grouping Functions for Team Picker WheelAdded more grouping functions. E.g. distribution mode, hide gender/label, and pick quantity.
Embed Picker Wheel - More CustomizationAdded more customization for the Embed Picker Wheel. E.g.: weight, .csv upload, title, confetti, text color, background color, wheel colors and hiding logo. [See it]
Improve View/Import Flexibility for Picker Wheel and Team Picker WheelYou can now import list of inputs from .csv excel file. You can also include the weight formula when preparing the inputs.
Use Arrow Keyboard to Move Across the InputsYou can now use the arrow up or down keyboard to move across the inputs so that can easily modify your inputs.

August 12, 2022
Version 83
Formula Input Method for Number Picker WheelWe introduce another easy input method for Number Picker Wheel. [See It]
Introduce "File" StorageFile can be used to save your current list ("List" type) and your created share link ("Share" type). So that you can access/edit/delete next time. Applicable for main Picker Wheel, Team Picker Wheel and Image Picker Wheel. Read from the tutorial section from each tool to understand about it.
Allow Copy or Spin Only Share LinkYou can configure a share link whether the people can copy your inputs to become their wheel or they can only spin the wheel. People who open the link will be in share view mode.
Include Settings When Saving Current List FileYou can choose whether should include tools settings when saving your list into file.
Added Exclude Field for Number Picker WheelFor range input method, you can now exclude certain numbers from the range.
Fixed Team Name Missing for Team Picker WheelWe fixed the team name missing for Team Picker Wheel when export to the CSV file.

June 19, 2022
Version 82
Sound Volume ControlYou can now easily control the sound volume at the wheel section. (Only available in desktop version). The default sound volume is set at 0.5.
Hide Inputs SectionYou can hide inputs section now. (Only available in desktop version)

May 28, 2022
Version 81
Premium Plan - PersonalizedYou may upgrade to Personalized plan to remove ads, get unlimited save lists, colors customization, banner/logo placement. [See The Plan]

May 22, 2022
Version 80
Drag and DropYou may drag and drop to rearrange your inputs now. Available in Picker Wheel and Image Picker Wheel.
Upload Multiple ImagesYou may now upload multiple images at once. Available in Picker Wheel.

April 19, 2022
Version 79
Delete Saved ListYou may delete your own saved list now.
Delete AccountYou may delete your own account on your profile page now.
Increase Number of Save Lists to 15We increase the number of save lists from 10 to 15 lists. You may save data for more purposes now.
Improved Share Link AlgorithmOLD: when opening a share link, the data will permanently replace existing browser data. NEW: the data will only temporarily replace existing browser data when browsing this particular URL.

January 6, 2022
Version 78
Changed New Cert DesignWe updated the design of certification.

January 1, 2022
Version 77
CertificationYou can now generate a cert for your result obtained from the spin. The cert generator is located below the result and also in the All Results view. You can share the cert or save the cert as image.
Major Software Packages UpdatesWe updated the application with the latest software packages in order to provide the best possible experience. If you encountered issue, please let us know. [Feedback Us]

November 30, 2021
Version 76
New SongsAdded new songs for start, spinning and ending sounds.
New Themes for Tool ColorsAdded "Mono" theme and "Young" theme tool colors.
New Theme for Background ColorAdded "Mono" theme background color.

November 10, 2021
Version 75
Mystery SpinHide your inputs on the wheel. People can only see the result when done spinning. Available at Tool Settings -> Spin Behavior.
Download All Results ImageYou have an option now to download all results/scores as an image inside the all results view.
VersioningAdded versioning at the bottom of each tool, you can see what are the latest updates by clicking it.
Full Screen Available for TabletUnlocked the full-screen feature for tablet devices as well. Now full screen can be turned on on desktop and tablet devices.
Spinning Algorithm EnhancedEnhanced spinning and randomness algorithm for all the wheel tools.
Tools MenuAdded tools menu button at the top right navigation menu. You can access any tool quickly. Available for tablet and desktop devices.
Video TutorialsAdded more video tutorials. [Video Gallery]

October 25, 2021
Version 74
New MusicAdded new 3 spinning and 3 ending pieces of music e.g., Halloween. You can check them at the Tool Settings section -> Confetti & Sound.
Longer Spinning - Team Picker WheelMade spinning slightly longer for Team Picker Wheel due to request. [Team Picker Wheel]

October 21, 2021
Version 73
WeightWe have added the weight function so that you can change the portion size of each input. This is optional and turned off by default. [Picker Wheel]
Image Input SupportYou can now add image input mix together with your text input at the main Picker Wheel page. [Picker Wheel]
Video Gallery PageAdded video gallery page to guide or help you learn more about Picker Wheel. We will continue to add more. [Video Gallery]
Tutorial SectionWe updated the tutorial content below the wheel section. You can read from there to understand the latest features. [Picker Wheel]

September 28, 2021
Version 72
Live On InstagramWe are now live on Instagram. Please follow us to get more info and updates on Picker Wheel. https://instagram.com/pickerwheel/

September 21, 2021
Version 71
Custom Team NamesYou may set your custom team names for Team Picker Wheel.
Number of People/GroupYou may set the number of people/group as the requirement for doing grouping in Team Picker Wheel.
Expand Save Lists to 10 ListsWe have expanded the save lists from 7 to 10 lists. You may save more data for more purposes now.

August 20, 2021
Version 70
Dark ModeWe added dark mode for Picker Wheel, you can now switch to dark mode from the menu.
Load/Save Function ImprovedSome people have weird behaviors with the save function of Picker Wheel, it is now improved and the problem is solved.

August 2, 2021
Version 69
Added Random Initial AngleThe wheel starting angle will be random (default) when new input is inserted. You can change the setting in the Tool Settings -> Spin Behavior.
Spinning AlgorithmWe have improved the spinning algorithm so it is closed to the real spinning behavior.
Spin Behavior SettingsWe have changed the default speed to 5 and the default duration to 9 seconds to adapt to the new spinning algorithm. We also extended the duration setting up to 30 seconds. Manually stop feature is now using a predefined speed without being affected by custom speed control.

July 8, 2021
Version 68
Added Title SectionYou can now display a title for your wheel/tool.
Share Link & Save List Support Title ContentWhen you create a share link or save a list, if title section is enabled, it will be included in the share or save.
Share LinkYou can now share your existing inputs/configuration for Yes No Picker Wheel, Number Picker Wheel and Letter Picker Wheel. We no longer support the feature which includes existing results in the share link.

Jun 28, 2021
Version 67
Added Custom Sound EffectsYou can now change the sound effects during spinning and after ending at the Tool Settings section.

May 24, 2021
Version 66
Improve Team Picker Wheel PerformanceSpeed up rendering and is tested up to 500 inputs with 100 groups for Team Picker Wheel. Fix minor issues when saving huge groups result as an image.

May 18, 2021
Version 65
Improve Wheel Rendering SpeedSpeed up rendering and is tested up to 1000 inputs for main Picker Wheel and Number Picker Wheel. Speed up rendering and is tested up to 100 inputs for Image Picker Wheel.

April 16, 2021
Version 64
Embed Wheel Link GeneratorIt helps you to easily create an embed wheel link.
New Embed Wheel DesignWe have improved the embed wheel design, and now you will also have 3 action modes available.

March 29, 2021
Version 63
Add Full Screen ModeNow you have the full-screen mode for all the wheel tools.
Add Show All ResultsNow you can see all your selected results and also the accumulated scores (applied to Picker Wheel and Image Picker Wheel).

March 22, 2021
Version 62
Add Account SystemYou now can sign up to the Picker Wheel to enjoy more benefits, e.g.: permanently store your save lists in the cloud database, access the save lists across multiple devices.
Migrate Save Lists from Browser Storage to Cloud DatabaseWe are now using a cloud database to store all your save lists so that you can access them through different devices.

January 21, 2021
Version 61
View/Import Inputs Button for Picker Wheel and Team Picker WheelSome told us it was hard to copy/duplicate the existing inputs. Now you may view and copy your existing inputs easily as well as add a list of new inputs.
Show Number of Inputs for Picker Wheel and Image Picker WheelDisplay the total number of inputs inserted.

December 27, 2020
Version 60
Add More Save ListsExpanded the number of save lists to 7.
Improve Wheel's Texts ReadabilityImproved the text readability when have more wheel pies.

December 22, 2020
Version 59
Improve Tools Share - All ToolsYou now can share all the wheels/tools with your current texts/images and settings.

December 9, 2020
Version 58
Add More Colors - Tool SettingsWe added more tool colors and background colors.

November 30, 2020
Version 57
Wheel Pies Separator - All Picker WheelAdded separator between the wheel pies with same color.
Support Same Input Value - Main / Image Picker WheelNow fully support same input value and image.

November 2, 2020
Version 56
Spin and Combine Input Types - Number Picker WheelYou can now get a random number from 0 to 99999.
Fixed Freeze Start Button - Team Picker WheelSolved start button can't be clicked for certain use cases.

October 18, 2020
Version 55
Multiple Save Lists - Team Picker WheelYou can now save multiple lists for Team Picker Wheel.
Multiple Save Lists - Image Picker WheelYou can now save multiple lists for Image Picker Wheel.

October 13, 2020
Version 54
Latest Updates PageWe started this page to let every user get a notice about our new and improved features.

October 9, 2020
Version 53
Manual Stop ButtonWe added the manual stop button. Now you can let the wheel stopped itself (default) or stopped by yourself. Enable it at "Tool Settings" -> "Spin Behavior".

September 25, 2020
Version 52
Image Picker WheelNow you can spin the wheel using images inputs. See here
Multiple Save ListsMany people are asking for this. And now we have it. You can now save up to 4 lists on the main Picker Wheel. Read the instruction at Section 2.1.
Smooth SpinningWe improved the spinning smoothness when having more inputs. e.g. 100 inputs.

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Version 51
Picker WheelWe created the Picker Wheel site. Fixing bugs, adding new features, and improving them since then.

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