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Team Picker Wheel - Randomize a List of Names into Group

1. What Is Team Picker Wheel?

Team Picker Wheel is a random team generator developed by Picker Wheel team. It helps you to split a list of names into teams or groups. It is also known as a random group generator or can be used as a random pair generator.

By inserting the list of names into the team generator, the team generator will randomize all the names you entered into equal groups. You can set the number of groups or the number of people/group you want to create, generating equally into random groups.

There is another unique feature from this tool where you can choose to balance the gender of participants equally into groups, in the condition you have set the gender of each participant after filling in the names.

Besides, you don't need to download the groupings result manually from this group randomizer. You can save the group's result as an image or download the group's result in a CSV file for further use.

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2. How to Use the Random Team Generator?

  1. Insert participants' names (Two methods available).

    • Insert one by one. Insert one by one

    • Insert a list of names (one name/line) by clicking the view/import inputs button. Import by uploading an .csv excel file is also available. Insert by list

  2. Choose distribute equally based on what kind of characteristic. You can choose Default, Gender or self-defined Label.

    • Default - Just distribute equally the list of people into the groups without considering anything else.

    • Gender - Distribute the same number of genders from the list of people into the groups.

    • Label - Distribute the same number of labels from the list of people into the groups.

    Distribute equally setting

  3. [In Condition] If you choose the Gender or Label mode, you can choose whether to show gender or label icon before their names when the result is replayed. Show icon setting

  4. [In Condition] If you choose the Default mode, you can also decide how many people are chosen from the given list. The selection is totally random. Show icon setting

  5. Insert the number of groups to be produced. OR, fill in the maximum number of people/group wanted. (By filling either of these fields, the system will automatically fill in another field for you based on your current name lists.) Number of groups setting

  6. If you enable the Pick Representatives, the Team Picker Wheel will randomly pick a representative from each group after the grouping is done. Number of groups setting

  7. Press the start button or press "Ctrl + Enter" keys to randomize grouping. Start random team generator

  8. Wait for the result. Grouping Result

  9. Download as CSV file or save as image. You can also pick the representatives randomly. Download as CSV file

  10. Open groups board again. Open groups board

  11. Remove all the groupings. Remove all groups

  12. Modify the inputs or redo the whole process again to get a new result.

  13. Hide the Inputs section if you want. By hiding it, you can see more groups in the Result section Hide inputs button

These are just the basic steps to use the random team picker. There are still other great features, for example, custom team names, customization, and others we will describe in the following few sections.

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3. Set Team Names

In case if you want to change your team names, it is also doable.

By default, we use Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, etc., for the team naming. You can change the team names by clicking the "Set Team Names" button. Set Team Names Button

Write your desired name beside the team you want and click save. Set Team Names Modal

When you save the list or share the list with other people, the team names will also be included if you have assigned them.

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4. Preset Group Members

There are certain cases that you might want to group several people in same group or separate certain people from the same group.

You can go select the Preset Group Members by clicking the More button from the Inputs section. Preset group members menu

Click the info button for the instruction or see the instruction below on how to do grouping or separating. Preset group members modal Preset group members instruction

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5. Tool Customization

You can customize the team maker to suit your needs.

You have to do it at the Tool Settings section (below the generator section). The Tool Settings is located at this position: (Click it, then it will expand) Tool settings location

Below is the customization you can do:

  • Confetti & Sound
    • Disable/Enable confetti.
    • Sound on/off.
    • Customize starting, spinning, and ending sounds.
  • Tool Colors - Change the wheel colors with several themes provided.
  • Background Color - Change the background color of the whole section.
  • Background Image - Add a background image at the wheel section. (Premium Users)
  • Banner | Logo - Adding your own logo or banner. (Premium Users)

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6. File Storage - How to Save/Open/Delete File?

For all users, by default, the lists will be saved automatically in your browser's storage. So, you can still access the same data the next time when you visit again at the same browser. *please take note the data might be lost if you clear the browser's history or when your browser's memory is overloaded.

In order to save more lists, you can save them to the Picker Wheel cloud storage. This is only applicable for logged-in users. It is free to sign up for an account. Click the menu button (top right of the page) and sign up. login-signup-menu

For logged-in users, you have more benefits when using the file storage.

  • You can save more than 1 name list in file. (Free Users - 7 Files available, Premium Users - Unlimited)
  • You can access the files with any device.
  • Feeling peace of mind without worrying the data loss.

Below are the steps for how to save/open/edit/delete your file after signing in to your account.

  1. Click the File button. File button

  2. For save: Choose "Save List to File.." when want to save fresh data to a new file or replace another file. You can see the "Save" button available to click once you have a file saved before. Choose a file to be saved or replaced and assign it with a file name (optional). You can also choose to whether include current settings. File save menu Save list type file

  3. For open: Choose "Open/Edit File.." then select a file to open or edit.

  4. For delete: Choose "Open/Edit File.." then select a file to delete. Open delete file

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7. Create New Team and Switch Team List

There is a switch wheel button located at the header bar (desktop version) or inside the file button menu (mobile version). Switch wheel button

Click the "Create New Wheel" button to get a new empty default Team Picker Wheel. You can produce up to five lists and switch back and forth among them. *Please take note only the data of the current active team list is kept for the next visit. Once you refresh the page, all lists other than the active list will be lost. Switch wheel menu

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8. Modify Title Section

By using the title, description and popup message, your audiences know what the purpose of the generator is.

You can open title section by clicking the More Button from the Inputs section. And modify the texts at there. Open or close title section Write title

The title and description will be displayed at the top corner while the popup message will display when the result board is displayed. Title on modal

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9. Full Screen View

You may switch between full-screen and normal view modes by clicking the full-screen button. (Available on a desktop computer and tablet) Full screen button

The Result section of random group generator becomes bigger when full-screen mode is activated, and the "Inputs" section gets hidden. Full screen view

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10. How to Share Team Picker Wheel?

Click the share button from the Team Picker Wheel site.

Share Team Picker Wheel

The system will automatically capture your inputs (statuses are not included) and title to be included in the share link. You can choose to include "Settings" as well, where the sounds, colors and other settings will be included as well.

Click the "Create Share Link" button. You will see a link is produced. Copy the link’s address or click the copy button to share the Team Picker Wheel with other people.

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11. Specification

  • The random team generator is free of charge.
  • There are no limits for the number of participants you can insert.
  • You can produce a maximum of 100 groups.

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12. Random Group Generator Use Cases

There are many places where you can use the team randomizer. You can use it in the classroom, games, sports, or when doing pairing.

Use Case 1 - Classroom

It can perform as group maker inside a classroom. A lecturer can distribute the students quickly, equally, and immediately into groups for assignment or discussion. Lecturer can also directly replace the team names with the task names.

Use Case 2 - Game

There are a lot of games involving grouping. Hence, participants can be grouped easily by using this random group generator. You can also enable the balance gender distribution mode for fairness.

Use Case 3 - Sport

During sport competition, you can use it to decide the participants for each of the groups.

Use Case 4 - Random Partner/Pair Generator

You can also use it as a random partner generator or random pair generator by setting the number of people/group as 2. In this way, you randomly produce several pairs of partners from a list of names.

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13. We Want to Hear Your Feedback

If you have any feedback or discover any bug about our team randomizer. Please response to us as well. We may take your feedback to make the Team Picker Wheel become better.

Let's Use Team Picker Wheel to randomize your groups from now on. Happy Grouping!

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