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Date Picker Wheel - Generate Random Date

1. What Is Date Picker Wheel?

Date Picker Wheel is a random date generator developed by Picker Wheel team. This date generator aims to help you to pick a random date by spinning the wheel. It is also known as a random day generator or a random date picker. Additionally, this random date generator supports dates of Gregorian calendar. You can choose your favourite date by using this Date Picker Wheel. Now let's take a closer look at how to use this date generator.

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2. How to Use This as a Random Date Generator?

This date generator will decide a random date from a list of dates you selected.

  1. Select a “date format” that you wish to display throughout the spinning process.

    Random date generator date format

  2. Add a single date or a range of dates to the inputs list by clicking the "calendar" button, which is found under the inputs section of this random date generator.

    Date generator calendar button Date generator calendar button inputs section

  3. Next, you can decide to include or exclude any of the days of week from your inputs list.

    Date generator days of week

  4. The "clear" button can be used to delete all of the inputs with just one click. If you want to establish a new date list to pick a different random day, this will make it easier for you.

    clear button

  5. Click the “SPIN” button or press "Ctrl + Enter" keys to start spinning the Date Picker Wheel.

  6. The result will be announced.

  7. Choose one of the actions for the result selected. Understand the type of action modes at section 4.

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3. Wheel Customization?

To have a better experience with Date Picker Wheel. Customization is always great to fit your mood. Let’s customize your date picker wheel before spin.

How to customize?

  1. Go to the “Tool Settings” section below the wheel.

Tool settings location

  1. Several things you can do with customization:
  • Spin Behavior
    • Spinning speed (lvl1 to lv10).
    • Spinning duration (1s to 30s).
    • Enable manual stop button.
    • Mystery spin (replace inputs on wheels with “?”)
    • Spin count
    • Random initial angle.
    • Initial Spinning
  • Confetti & Sound
    • Disable/Enable confetti.
    • Sound on/off.
    • Customize starting, spinning, and ending sounds.
  • Tool Colors - Change the wheel colors with several themes provided.
  • Background Color - Change the background color of the whole section.
  • Background Image - Add a background image at the wheel section. (Premium Users)
  • Spin Button - Customize your own spin button. (Premium Users)
  • Banner | Logo - Adding your own logo or banner. (Premium Users)

*Customize wheel with your own wheel sounds, colors and background color. (Premium Users)

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4. Type of Action Modes

Type of Action Modes

4.1. Normal Mode “DONE”

When you choose this mode, the available dates will remain the same as your previous spin. You can proceed to pick a random date by using this date generator.

4.2. Elimination Mode “REMOVE CHOICE”

When you choose elimination mode, the date generator wheel will remove the current selected date from the total available dates for your next spin. You can see what was removed in the history section.

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5. View All Results

You can see back all your results by clicking the “open all results” button that is located bottom-left side near to the spinning wheel.

Open all results button

Once you click on that button, you can see the summary of results of spinning since the first time. (‘H’ stands for that selected input have been eliminated from list)

All results history

You can save the results/score as a picture using the download option (top-left).

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6. Enable Title Section

Why is this feature important? Sometimes your audience might need to know the purpose of your date generator, so you can insert a title to specify the aim, such as “Annual Trip Date”.

How to enable it?

  1. The open/close title section button is located at the bottom of the Inputs section. Open or close title section

  2. And insert (type-in) the title, description and popup message. Title input modal

Remark: The pop up message will be displayed together when the result is announced. Title display location Message on the result

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7. Full Screen View

You may switch between full-screen and normal view modes by clicking the full-screen button. (Available on a desktop computer and tablet) Full screen button

The random date generator gets bigger when full-screen mode is activated, and the "Inputs" section gets hidden. (Title will be shown at the top-left when you enable it.) Random Date Generator Full Screen

The "Open All Results" button still allows you to view your results.

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8. Share Wheel

Share Date Picker Wheel button

  1. Click the “share” button at the top right corner of the website.
  2. Decide "Allow people copy the wheel"?
  3. Choose whether to include your current wheel's tool settings e.g. wheel colors.
  4. Click "Create Share Link".
  5. Copy the link’s address or click the Copy or Facebook or Twitter buttons to share this Random Date Generator with other people.

If you think this application is useful, kindly share with your friends and family about it.

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9. Specifications

Same to the all wheel generator in Picker Wheel, the maximum entry for a random date generator is only up to 1200 entries.

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10. Use Cases

Use Case 1 - Daily life

A random date generator can be used to choose a date for a important event in your life, such as a trip, an anniversary, etc.

Use Case 2 - Education

2.1 Learning

Add the dates to the inputs list to create a random date generator. As a result, you spin and ask the students to read the results aloud. This will show if the students can recognize and read the dates.

use random date generator in classroom

2.2 Interaction

You can set up a random date generator that students can use to pick a date for an activity in the classroom, such as an experiment, cleanup and so on. This interaction helps to build connections and interests of students from the activity.

Use Case 3 - Workplace

You can use your random date generator to generate a list of dates. You can use it to decide for a project's due date, the product's launching date, an event, or even a business trip.

use random date generator in workplace

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11. Alternative Decision Tools

Please head to the main Picker Wheel to fill up the list of your inputs. It has a wide variety of uses. For example, you can insert both text and image as an entry.

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12. Feedback Us

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or find any bugs with our random date picker. Please don't hesitate to inform us. We value your comments so we can make the date generator better.

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