What to Cook for Guests: Spin the Wheel to Decide

Last Updated: January 12th, 2021

Are you having guests arriving for dinner tonight? Can’t decide what to cook tonight? Well, we have all faced similar situations at some point in our lives.

The human mind is more complicated than you can even think of. It works in ways which is hard for a common man like us to understand. There are days when your mind works smoothly and other times when it’s on a strike. In these situations, you are unable to decide what you want because your mind has left your side. There are hundreds of options circling your mind but you still cannot take the right decision. This may happen anytime and with anything as simple as what to cook for your guests.

What To Cook

Now the question is how do you solve your dilemma? Should you ask for suggestions or just randomly pick any option?

The best thing to do is to opt for the decision-making wheel. You can visit the site called Picker Wheel which can help you make the right decision. Whether it is regarding cooking or anything else. You can input your options and spin the wheel. All you need to do is allow the wheel to decide it for you. Since your mind won’t support you, let the wheel be the guiding light for you.

1. Why Can’t You Decide What to Cook?

There could be so many reasons why you are unable to decide what to cook for dinner for your guests. After careful observation, we have listed all the possible reasons that could result in this dilemma of yours.

A. So Many Options

When it comes to cooking dinner for your guests, it means you have to cook something special. You cannot serve them what you eat regularly in your house. Now the problem arises because there are multiple options available. For example, whether to cook Chinese or continental?

You constantly think of different dishes that your guests would like. This overloads your brain and ultimately you are not able to decide what you exactly want.

B. Sudden News

When you get the sudden news of having guests and have very little time to prepare, you enter the panic zone. Then, you are like “what to cook for dinner tonight?”

When you are on a deadline, your mind is taken over by tension and thus, you are unable to think clearly. But this won’t happen if your guests would have informed the day before about their arrival. That’s because you get plenty of time to think. You can then calmly decide what you can cook for your guests or what they would like. But a sudden rush is always bad for your mind.

C. Performance Pressure

Performance pressure because you have to impress your guests. You cannot serve your guests with some tasteless dishes for dinner. You see none of us likes to get criticised, especially when it’s about your cooking skills.

The news of having guests forces you to think harder. You start thinking of the dishes that you cook the best. Let’s say you are confident about two or three of your recipes. Now you have to decide between these three dishes. This is where it becomes hard to decide. You have no idea which would be the best dish for them. This leads to confusion and ultimately you are unable to decide.

You surely can relate to these three situations. It’s not only you but all of us have the same thinking when it comes to feeding our guests. Now the main question is how you decide? We have discussed this in the next section.

2. How to Decide What to Cook?

You know your guests are going to arrive at any time. You don’t have time to sit and think endlessly. Therefore, you need to hurry and reach a decision quickly. Keep your mind calm and do any of the following to decide what to cook.

A. Ask Them What They Like

The best thing you can do is straight away ask your guests what they would like to have. This will spare you from all the confusion and dilemma. Once they let you know what they will eat you can make the preparations accordingly. However, you need to make sure that you ask them politely. You cannot make your guests feel as if you are doing some sort of favour to them by cooking them dinner.

B. Get to Know Whether They Are Veg or Non-veg

This is probably the most important thing to know. You cannot just start cooking dinner without knowing whether they are veg or non-veg. Let’s say, you have prepared some chicken for dinner. But your guests are veg or vegan. This will not only waste your efforts but also put you in an awkward position. Therefore, to be on the safe side, you should ask them what their diet is.

C. Consider Any Dietary Restrictions

You don’t know what foods are restricted or what dietary rules they follow. Since they are coming over for dinner, it’s better to ask them their diet rules in advance. This will help you to decide to cook something for them. You don’t want to upset your guests who are coming over for dinner. You need to maintain your impression and therefore, it’s better to ask them about their dietary restrictions, if there are any.

3. Wrapping Up

You are unable to decide something. It’s fine. You are not the only one who has to go through this. There are billions of people in this world and all of us have faced such a situation like this before. It always doesn’t have to be related to cooking. But it could be any other thing that involved decision making. During these times, you need to calm your mind and think clearly. Break down the things that could lead to the solution. If it’s still hard for you to decide then you have the decision-making wheel option.

What to Cook for Guests?

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