Image Picker Wheel

Randomly pick a picture by wheel

This is a random image generator that picks a random picture from the pictures provided by spinning the wheel. If you prefer the image-based picker wheel, you should use this. This is also call aesthetic generator. It supports all the image formats. After spinning the wheel, the random image will be selected. You also have the option to eliminate, accumulate or do nothing to the photo selected. The images inserted will also be stored in the local storage of the browser.


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Image Picker Wheel - Pick a Random Image by Spinning

1. What Is the Image Picker Wheel?

Image Picker Wheel is a random image generator that will decide a random image from a list of pictures you provide. It is a specialized Picker Wheel focusing on selecting a random picture.

It is created because we know a picture is worth a thousand words. It will make the wheel more interactive with the audiences. For example, a teacher can use this Image Picker Wheel to teach students about animals by inserting all the animal photos in the wheel.

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2. How to Use This as a Random Image Generator?

This image wheel will decide a random image from a list of photos you inserted.

This wheel does not function as a typical random photo generator, as it does not has all the predefined photos. It is a general type of random image generator where it supports all image formats and does the image selection from the images you provide.

  1. Click the "upload image(s)" button. Upload Image Button

  2. Select a single image or multiple images. It accepts all the images format. e.g. png, jpg, gif, and others.

  3. The images are inserted and displayed in inputs section. You can hide or remove an image by toggling the tick and also the close button. Images Inputs

  4. Click the "SPIN" button to start spinning the Image Picker Wheel. Spin Button

  5. The result will be announced. Image Result Displayed

  6. Choose one of the actions for the result selected. Understand the type of action modes at section 3.

  7. The spin behavior, sound, confetti, and color settings can be changed at the Tool Settings section.

Other features: You may sign up for an account to save/open your list into file. The data can be saved for future use and shared across multiple devices.

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3. Type of Action Modes

Same as the Picker Wheel, there are 3 actions you can do when the image result is announced.

3.1. Normal Mode

The image selected will still be available next round and all the available image options remain the same as the previous spin.

3.2. Elimination Mode

The image selected will be temporarily eliminated. You can enable it back by toggling the image in the inputs section.

3.3. Accumulation Mode

The count of the image selected will be added +1. By default, all the newly inserted image's count is zero.

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4. Use Cases

These are the several scenarios that we think the Image Picker Wheel will help.

  1. A kindergarten teacher can do a more interesting lecturing in the classroom with all the kids.
  2. We can use it in an ice-breaking game. The loser must do the posture the same as the image selected.
  3. We can use it to decide what food to cook. The food among the top 3 counts will be cooked.

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5. Wheel Customization

Customization is always great to fit your mood. Let’s customize your image picker wheel and insert your favorite images before spin.

How to customize?

  1. Go to the “Tool Settings” section below the wheel. Tool settings location

  2. Several things you can do with customization:

    • Adjust the spin behavior which is the spinning speed (slower or faster) and spinning duration (shorter or longer).
    • Manually stop which you can control when to stop the spinning.
    • Random initial angle for the first spin.
    • Mystery spin will hide your inputs on the wheel to make the spinning process interesting and mystery.
    • Turn on/off the confetti setting, and also select the sounds of start, spinning and ending.
    • Change the wheel colors as it catches 99% of your visual.
    • Background color which change your whole background theme of your webpage, you can match the background color with your wheel colors.
    • Customize wheel colors and background color with your own colors. (Premium Users)
    • Adding your own logo or banner. (Premium Users)

Let’s Do This!!

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6. Open/Close Title Section

Do you know that you can set a title for your wheel spinning?

Why do we need to add a title for a spin? Because:

  • It can help you to specify the aim of spinning.
  • Other people know your purpose of spinning when you shared a link with them.
  • It provides a clear guideline when you are preparing the inputs.
  • It gives you a title when the result is announced.

You can open or close the title section when you need as long as before each spinning.

The open/close title button is located within the inputs section. Open or close title section

And you can insert the title. Write title

7. File Storage - Save/Open/Delete File

Besides the text inputs, your images inputs can also be saved into online file as long as you’re a register user :D

Save your images inputs and assign a file name and use them when needed. It is convenient and saving time!

You can save several files. (Free Users - 15 Files available, Premium Users - Unlimited)

There are two types of data you can save into the files which are "List" type and "Share" type.

List type - this is the private data that only you can open and edit.

Share type - this is the public data that everyone can open with the share link but only you have the edit permission.

The file button is located at the "Inputs" section.

7.1. List Type - Save

  1. After you added all the images, click the File button. File button List type save menu
  2. Select “Save List to File..”.
  3. Choose a file and name the file so that you recognize it next time. You can also choose to include current tool settings. Save file

7.2. Share Type - Save?

  1. After created your share link, you can click the option to "Save Link to File". Save share link

  2. Select a file to save. Or replace the same type of old file. Share file save

7.3. List and Share Types: Open/Delete File?

  1. Click on the File button, and; Open delete menu
  2. Select “Open File..”, then choose a saved file to open/edit.
  3. Select "Delete Saved File..", then choose a saved file to delete

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8. View All Result

You can see back all your results by clicking the “open all results” button that is located bottom-left side near to the spinning wheel. Open all results button

Once you click on that button, you can see your past results.

And also the scores for the specific inputs if you have used the accumulation mode (add count for the choices).

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9. Full Screen View

Same as the other wheel, the image picker wheel can also spin in a full screen view!

The full screen view button is located at the bottom-right of the page which is near to the inputs section. Full screen button

Once you’re getting ready for your title setting, inputs, and tools settings, you can press the full screen view button to enjoy your spinning.

Wheel in the full screen view provides you a different and unique spinning experience.

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10. Image Source - Where to get FREE image

There are many ways to get/create your images. Here are some suggestions for you.

  • You can insert the images from your mobile photo gallery.
  • You can get FREE images from Unsplash, Pixabay, and so on.
  • A place that you can get free images for educational purposes is https://www.irasutoya.com/. All the images are free to use and download as long as you follow their policy. As a reminder, the website is in Japanese language.
  • You can create images by using Canva, PPT and other software that can be downloaded as JPEG and PNG.

Image Picker Wheel does support both .jpeg and .png images.

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11. Relationship Between Image Background And Wheel Color

Some images are with background and some are without.

If you are using an image with background, eg: white background, the particular input wheel pie will follow the background color.

The transparent background image will not change the wheel colors.

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12. Generate Cert - Announce The Winner of Your Event

How can I show my result to my audience?

Don’t worry, you can generate cert now and download/share your results in a nice and formal way. Image Cert

The cert generator is located below the result and also in the All Results view.

When to use the cert:

  • For your giveaway event.
  • For announcing the winner in your event.
  • To post as a public post on your social media. (The cert is more formal than screenshooting the result)

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13. Share the App

If you find this image picker wheel useful, we hope you could help us to spread it to your friends and family. When more and more people are using, this will be a great motivation to help us keep going forward. There is a share button at the top right of the page.

Share Image Picker Wheel button

Choose "Allow people copy the wheel"?. Select what to be included for the share link. You may include your current image inputs, and the wheel settings e.g. colors. Then, click the "Create Share Link" button.

RIG create share link

A share link is then produced. Copy the link’s address or click the copy button to share your Image Picker Wheel with other people. Link sharing through Facebook or Twitter is also available.

RIG copy and save Share Link

You can also save the share link to your online file so that you can edit/delete the share link yourself.

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14. Feedback Us

We always want to improve the wheel, so that it can fit everyone's need to solve their daily problem. Please feel free to let us know your feedback.

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15. Need a Text-Based Picker Wheel?

If you want a text-based Picker Wheel, you may explore our core Picker Wheel to do random text-based decision.

Let's Use the Image Picker Wheel to Pick an Image. Happy Playing!

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